HT MAC Residential

Now there is affordable Access Control for your home! We call it Managed Access Control (MAC). It is uniquely designed for the residential customer and provides top of the line, specialized access schedules with audit trail for 24/7 access management.

HT MAC Residential from Howlett Technologies is an advanced Access Control System designed for your home.  Here is what we can offer at a fraction of the traditional cost:

  • Stand Alone Door Hardware & Electronics that can easily be relocated with changes in the Residential Environment.
  • Very Short Startup Time.
  • No dedicated on-site computer or software required.
  • Howlett Technologies administers Card Database & issues cards.
  • Communicate system changes to Howlett via Fax, Email, Phone, or Postal Mail.
  • Same Permissions can cover Multiple Sites.
  • Activity Reports (auditing) for any door upon request.
  • Application updates and system backups performed by HT offsite.

HT MAC Residential will give you: Peace of Mind, Full Control over access to your home 24/7 and more time with your family.

Call a Howlett Technologies representative today and ask about our special offer on our new & improved HT MAC Residential.